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Grinding Techniques – Supplier of specialised abrasive products

Grinding Techniques has been a solution-driven manufacturer of specialised abrasive products since 1981, offering a wide range of high-quality cut-off and grinding discs, vitrified and resin bonded grinding wheels, specialised industrial diamond tools and a wide range of surface finishing products. In 2014, Grinding Techniques became part of the global Tyrolit group – a leading manufacturer of grinding and dressing tools.

At the forefront of bringing top quality innovation to application solutions, our extensive range allows a perfect product solution with optimum balance between cost and performance.

With over 90 million SMEs (Small and Medium Scale Enterprises) in Africa, we are perfectly positioned to meet any customer demand when it comes to the supply of premium abrasives.

Choosing abrasives require careful consideration of certain elements to ensure both productivity and profitability. In any economic climate, overall cost reduction is a constant challenge, and product longevity remains a key element. If the need to replace or change products during application is less frequent, costs are not only reduced, but the bottom line is immediately influenced.

With a vast product range inclusive of Tyrolit products we are best suited to service all major industries, including the Manufacturing sector – which is widely viewed as the key to economic growth for any continent, and known as one of the most profitable components of any business chain.

Boasting premium quality with excellent durability, and proven longevity, Tyrolit is undoubtedly the preferred choice when it comes to any cutting and grinding application.

The Tyrolit product range include three tiers, ranging from Basic and Standard to Premium, all offering application tools suited to various materials including metals, concrete, stone, and composite.

The Basic cutting and grinding range are engineered for enhanced performance, with minimised tool wear, while the Standard range not only offers cost-effective application solutions, but premium performance with all the international safety standards customers have come to expect.

For optimum results on solid steel and heavy-duty metals, with excellent stability during application, the Standard cutting disc is the perfect choice.

When it comes to the Premium product line, the absolute best is delivered in cutting and grinding performance, boasting extreme fast cutting rates and excellent stock removal.

Apart from being manufactured to achieve optimum results during application, the Premium Tyrolit Stainless Steel range is free of contaminants to avoid impairments  such as corrosion, pitting  and or a reduction in the fatigue strength to the material.

With a special formula and production method, the Tyrolit non-ferrous range is best suited for a wide range of non- ferrous metal applications as it not only delivers optimum performance with reduced application times but clogging and dulling of the cutting wheel is eliminated.

Available in different diameters and thicknesses, the Tyrolit cutting and grinding range will suit any application, from hand program to stationary operation.

Apart from cutting and grinding solutions, we also carry a range of coated and non-woven abrasives, the latest addition to our product range, to cater for a wide variety of surface conditioning applications.

Tyrolit non-woven abrasives are manufactured from abrasive grains that are fused to a three-dimensional support of nylon fibres. Uniform distribution of the abrasives combined with the softness of the material ensures a constant and consistent finish throughout the working process and product’s lifetime for applications requiring a mirror, satin, or brushed finish. The most important characteristic and benefit of non-woven abrasives is that you can change or manipulate a surface finish without changing the shape and geometry of the workpiece.

With our complete non-woven range, surface finishing has never been easier.

From blending a scratch pattern after stock removal and achieving a matt finish, to reworking the same matt finish to a mirror finish with any of our light de-burring wheels, buffing wheels, or polishing compounds, you can restore and renew any surface.

Our non-woven abrasives offer exceptional product longevity and are available in different sizes and derivates.

At Grinding Techniques, we do not only offer premium quality products to your fingertips, but proven longevity of our product line could boost both output and profit of your business in the long run.

For a bespoke solution, contact us today.

Grinding Techniques – Your application, Our solution

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