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Mevas- Global Leader in Machinery and Heavy Equipment Inspection Services

Heavy Machinery Appraisal

In the mining sector, situations arise time and again in which assets have to be evaluated. Be it when there is a change of contractor in opencast mining or when technology is to be replaced on a larger scale. Especially when there is a change in ownership or when used construction machinery and transport vehicles are to be replaced, an external valuation or technical inspection is appropriate. Sometimes an appraisal by the supplier of the technology is sufficient. However, it is often the case that each supplier can and wants to evaluate only his own products. It becomes more difficult when someone is needed to evaluate excavators, wheel loaders and mining trucks from different manufacturers and maybe additional processing plants. Here you need an appraiser who has a wide range of experience with different makes. Such an appraiser needs good management as well as technicians in different countries who are also willing to visit a mine in a distant country.

Who can inspect and evaluate mining equipment?

It is good to know that such a service exists. The German company MEVAS specialises in the appraisal and valuation of mining assets and construction machinery. Experienced inspectors are available in various countries and are ready to travel even to remote areas. The team has experience with large excavators, dump trucks, crushing equipment and anything else used in open pit or underground mining. Through the large number of projects already completed, a wealth of experience exists in both the technical analysis of condition and the evaluation of equipment.

How much does a mining-fleet appraisal cost?

The question of the price for evaluating a fleet of mining machines is not so easy to answer. It logically depends on the number of machines and their size. Another important cost factor is the location of the equipment. Which inspectors can be deployed to inspect the machines on site? By what means can the inspectors get into the mine? Are the machines still in use or have they been parked on the side-line for some time? Overall, one can conclude that compared to the value of the machines, the valuation is an insignificant cost factor. When taking over a fleet or buying individual machines, it may well be worthwhile to have the repair costs calculated in their current condition. An experienced valuer can be helpful here.

Why to choose Mevas?

A German management leads since 2006 a team of international inspectors. The team knows about equipment conditions and about valuation. Engineers are familiar with machinery of Caterpillar, Komatsu, Hitachi, Sandvik and many other brands. The range of inspected and valuated items reaches up to PC 3000, ZX 1900 CAT 777, larger rock drills, bulldozers up to D10T and any kind of articulated dump trucks.

Experienced Team of Engineers

Mevas has done a couple of asset audits and valuations for quarry, mining and open pit equipment. Engineers have been in Russia on pipeline projects, in African goldfields, in coal mines in Kentucky and on huge oil plantations in Western Africa. Upon request, some projects and clients for which the company is or was active can be named.

For more details visit the website please. Sample reports can be provided and the management is available to discuss any requirement for machinery appraisal or inspection.


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