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Stainless Steel Metal Fabrication – Get the RIGHT tool for the job

When it comes to fabrication with stainless steel, using the right tool is essential for achieving optimum results.

Grinding Techniques has a complete range of abrasives specifically manufactured for all stainless-steel cutting, grinding, finishing, and polishing applications.

One of the most important factors to consider when it comes to fabrication, is the non-contamination of the stainless-steel during processing. Our Tyrolit cutting-and-grinding range for stainless-steel can be found in our “Premium, Standard and Basic INOX product line” which is manufactured free from iron, sulphur, and chlorine and available in various diameters and thicknesses which ensures for contamination-free application.

One of our more popular products is the Tyrolit Slimline range of cutting discs, that will provide clean, fast cuts with little to no burrs to be reworked. Particularly suited to thin stainless steel sheet metal, this product delivers effortless cuts with great results.

Another versatile product range that can be used for both grinding (stock removal), and finishing, is our Tyrolit flap discs – particularly useful when it comes to welding applications where a smooth and seamless finish is required after the welding operation. Available in 3(three) tiers ranging from Basic, which is suited for general purpose applications, to Premium Inox specifically manufactured for stainless steel, exotic heat sensitive metals and alloys, to ensure the ultimate surface finish. Manufactured from high-tech Ceramic grains that self-sharpen, these flap discs offer both excellent stock removal and a cool grind. The Premium range will not discolor or contaminate the material. Tyrolit flap discs are available in 2 different shape variants to suit each specific application and result required. The shape 28A is more suited to blending and finishing on flat surfaces and ideally should be operated at an angle of between 0 and 15 degrees. The shape 27A has been designed for higher stock removal, edge, and contour work, with the conical shape providing a greater contact area to the workpiece. The ideal operating angle of the shape 27A flap disc is between 15 and 30 degrees allowing greater downward pressure resulting in more stock removal in a shorter period. Available grit sizes range from 40 up to 120 and allow for a versatile choice to suit almost any application. The Premium range also includes a flap disc suitable for non-ferrous metals such as brass, copper, aluminum and composite materials.

Apart from cutting and grinding solutions, we also carry a range of coated and non-woven abrasives suitable for stainless steel. Sanding belts are available and can be manufactured for handheld machines, pedestal or floor machines, stroke sanders as well as wide belt machines. To achieve a brushed finish, opt for finer grit belts. Our range of “Pearl” abrasive sanding discs and belts with a unique conglomerate grain distribution ensures a consistent finish throughout the entire lifespan of the products.

The Tyrolit non-woven range is manufactured from abrasive grains that are fused to a three-dimensional support of nylon fibres. Uniform distribution of the abrasive combined with the softness of the material ensures a constant and consistent finish throughout the working process and product’s lifetime to suit applications for a mirror, satin, or a brushed finish. The most important characteristic and benefit of non-woven abrasives is that you can change or manipulate a surface finish without changing the shape and geometry of the workpiece. When blending the scratch pattern with our non-woven range of products, you will achieve a matte finish which can then be reworked to a mirror finish by using products from our range of light de-burring wheels, buffs, mops, and soaps.

Whatever your cutting, grinding, or finishing requirement, Grinding Techniques offer a total customised solution to suit your stainless-steel requirement

Grinding Techniques – Your application, Our solution

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