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Epiroc cuts emissions of its biggest hauler

MT65 gets cleaner-burning engine and ejector box.

Its engine has been replaced with one that lowers emissions, meeting Tier 4 Final-Stage 5 requirements.

Nitrogen oxide emissions have been reduced 45% and diesel particulate matter has been lowered 80% compared to a Tier 2 engine.

The truck also has an ejector dump box option for compact envelope applications.

That option was developed the solution to cover more applications with the same load frame.

The modular design is a pin-on solution that attaches to the load frame, which makes it possible to swap between standard and ejector dump boxes as needed.

An additional load-weighing display can be placed in the cabin window to help the loader operator maximise the payload and avoid overloading.

That payload information can also be monitored through Epiroc’s telematics system Certiq.

Certiq monitors and records machine information, which helps improve productivity and reduce unnecessary wear.

Epiroc underground division global product manager Daniel Sandström said the updates were the result of feedback from customers.

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