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Seequent Mining Indaba 2023 Questionnaire

A Brief History of Seequent

Seequent builds world-leading subsurface software, helping to create a better understanding of the earth to ensure a better world for all.

We were founded in 2004 in New Zealand and started life as ARANZ Geo, becoming Seequent in 2017.  Headquartered in New Zealand with global reach, Seequent is now the subsurface software company within Bentley Systems, the infrastructure and engineering software company.

What kept us in the industry, considering the current global changes in technology

So much relies on the underground and a deeper subsurface understanding – from mineral resources, to energy transition, infrastructure and water security.

Industries that work in the subsurface, including mining, are ripe with the opportunity to leverage technology and introduce new and innovative capabilities that will transform the industry at scale and move it forward in significant and provocative ways.

What is our global footprint and reach?

Seequent is active in over 100 countries, working to develop mineral resources more sustainably, design and build better infrastructure, protect the environment, source renewable energy, and help resolve historical challenges such as groundwater contamination and ageing infrastructure.

What sets us apart from our competitors

Seequent are the subsurface software specialists, offering integrated earth modelling, geo-data management, and team collaboration software to transform how geoprofessionals work, and eliminate barriers to understanding. For more than 10 years, we have been leading the world in the visualisation of complex data to make meaningful differences to people, companies and the environment.

In mining exploration, our growing suite of exploration software helps customers advance subsurface investigation and discover faster, drill smarter and make more confident decisions with their geoscience.

What strategic positioning have we done to keep at the top of the game and ensure customer satisfaction?

We have invested in new products and solutions, expanded our cloud, data management and collaboration capabilities, grown our global team and broadened our distribution networks and sales channels.

We have also become part of Bentley Systems, the infrastructure engineering software specialists, who focus on the built environment above ground. By combining our technologies, we are connecting the built world with the subsurface world, deepening the potential of infrastructure digital twins to help understand and mitigate environmental risks, advancing resilience and sustainability.

Major research and development milestones in the past 10 year

Our original software solution Leapfrog Geo disrupted the market in terms of how geologists model, helping to drive the digital transformation of the geoscience industry. In the past ten years the way subsurface data is acquired, modelled, analysed and used has evolved. Geological models can no longer be created in isolation. There is a requirement for more transparency, audit trails and democratisation of data. As requirements evolve, technology needs to evolve to meet those needs – that’s why we’ve broadened our portfolio to support the different stages of the mining value chain and the needs of other industries.

We’ve also made it easier for multidisciplinary teams to collaborate on geoscience data with cloud-based Seequent Central. Recent additions to our software portfolio highlight our ongoing commitment to research and development. They include Imago for data insights from your high-quality geoscientific images; and MX Deposit for collecting, managing, sharing, and accessing drill hole and sample data in the cloud. We continue to develop connected workflows within our portfolio and interoperability (the ability for different systems, solutions and devices to talk to each other). In this way, we can support geo-professionals to make the difficult decisions they make every day.

Three things we like about our current brand identity

  • Our Purpose: A better understanding of the Earth creates a better world for all
  • Our unique position as world leaders in subsurface software
  • Seequent is the subsurface software company within Bentley Systems:
  • Together, we are helping build a more resilient future by connecting the built world above ground with the hidden world below it.
  • We share a vision that connecting software, teams and data leads to a better understanding and ultimately better decisions – for people and the planet.

Are there any specific target audiences we want to reach out to, that we have not?

Our software has a global application for the subsurface and we continue to work hard to reach all of these audiences around the world, including governments, owner operators of infrastructure, commercial enterprises and NGOs in mining, civil, environment and energy.

We are also working with our existing and prospective customers in these fields to build strategic understanding of our increasing portfolio of subsurface solutions and the potential of our growing connected workflows, data management and collaboration capabilities and the benefits this can bring.

Did we launch any specific product or services at this Indaba?

We launched Imago, which organises quality photos of core samples and chips, and systemise the handling, storing and sharing of these images using cloud computing.

Images can be shared anywhere in the world at the touch of a button, which reduce the environmental impact through faster real-time decision-making that simplifies exploration. Drilling is targeted, which reduces costs and improves sustainability.

This Mining Indaba is very important to us, because Seequent’s innovative geoscience software portfolio is helping the African mining industry take advantage of new opportunities.

Seequent gained some of its first customers in Africa more than 15 years ago, and we are a trusted partner on the continent, with local teams in South Africa, Mali, Ivory Coast and Ghana, supported by a global team.


Any queries relating to Seequent please contact, Colin Hay, Executive Vice President of the Europe, Middle East and Africa region on



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