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SKF and EPWR Gear Up for a Sustainable Racing Season in STCC

The Scandinavian Touring Car Championship (STCC) season marks the world’s first 100% electric national touring car championship with the EPWR concept, reflecting a significant step towards sustainable motorsport.

SKF, a leading supplier in various motorsport areas and partner of championships such as Formula 1 and NASCAR, expresses enthusiasm alongside EPWR, a part of PWR Group, for the upcoming STCC start featuring new electric cars.

“We are excited to contribute our expertise to EPWR’s electric touring cars, showcasing our dedication to promoting eco-friendly mobility solutions. The products and solutions provided by SKF are designed not only to enhance the performance of EPWR’s vehicles but also to advance the sustainability agenda in motorsport”, stated Philipp Herlein, Head Global Vehicle Aftermarket at SKF.

EPWR has produced and released 12 all-electric race cars to all teams competing in the STCC season, which is premiering in Gothenburg on June 8th-9th. These cars features several key products and solutions from SKF, showcasing a commitment to sustainable motorsport.

“SKF carries a proud Swedish heritage of cutting-edge technology in both automotive and motorsport, and we are thrilled to have them onboard as a partner to keep pushing for a sustainable future within the sport. The SKF products take the efficiency and reliability of EPWR race cars one step further forward, a key part in our work to limit the environmental impact without compromising quality.” Micke Jansson, CEO of PWR Group,

Within the framework of the EPWR concept, the main focus is to take original chassis and transform them into high-performance racing cars through innovative processes of recycling and renewal. These vehicles represent significant advancements in the evolution of racing, with EPWR leading the way by laying the foundation for the world’s first fully electric touring car racing series in collaboration with STCC. The rapid development of electric cars is pushing boundaries, particularly on the racetrack where cars undergo rigorous testing like never before.

SKF Automotive

SKF offers customized bearings, seals, related products and services for wheel-end, driveline, engine, e-powertrain, suspension, and steering applications to manufacturers of cars, light and heavy trucks, trailers, buses, and two-wheelers. We also supply the vehicle aftermarket with premium spare parts, both directly and indirectly, through a network of more than 10,000 distributors.

SKF is a world-leading provider of innovative solutions that help industries become more competitive and sustainable. By making products lighter, more efficient, longer lasting, and repairable, we help our customers improve their rotating equipment performance and reduce their environmental impact. Our offering around the rotating shaft includes bearings, seals, lubrication management, condition monitoring, and services. Founded in 1907, SKF is represented in approximately 129 countries and has around 17,000 distributor locations worldwide. Annual sales in 2023 were SEK 103,881 million and the number of employees was 40,396.

® SKF is a registered trademark of the SKF Group.

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