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When sharp edges count – Get the job done with Ceramic Abrasives from Grinding Techniques

Ceramic abrasives are one of the newest innovations in grain technology. This high-performance grain has the ability to constantly re-sharpen as is wears, providing fast cutting action through its usable life. They provide the longest life and fastest cut rate of all coated abrasives. They represent the ultimate in performance, providing an aggressive, consistent cut under moderate to high pressure. Ceramic grains feature very small fracture planes which allow each grain to constantly re-sharpen and provide extremely consistent stock removal through its entire life cycle.

Grinding Techniques proudly South African abrasive manufacturer and coated converter offers ceramic abrasive technology through our partnership with Starcke and Deerfos Abrasives. We offer a wide range of basic and finished products for almost every kind of application. At Grinding Techniques our aim is to provide you with the best coated or bonded abrasive product for your manufacturing process actively, objectively and reliably.

Typical applications where one would benefit from using Ceramic Abrasives include but is not limited to:

  • Tough and hard to grind materials (Ceramic grains self-sharpening properties ensures a constant high material removal rate)
  • Heat and burn sensitive materials (The Top size cooling agent ensures a cooler cutting action eliminating heat buildup and premature dulling of the grains)
  • Applications where the output of parts in high volumes within the shortest time possible is a requirement. (Due to the fast-cutting action of ceramic grains, the material removed is far superior to any other conventional abrasive grain in the same amount of time)

The quality of coated abrasives depends on numerous parameters such as the amount of grain and weight per unit area, the quantity of base, topcoat and curing temperatures. These parameters have been defined with a view to production and substantiated by quality insurance measures after every manufacturing step for each product. Not only do we manufacture abrasive products according to ISO standards, at Grinding Techniques we also strive to consistently meet and exceed maximum standards to ensure compliance with strict customer requirements.

Longevity and outstanding surface quality are the most important factors when it comes to supplying quality coated abrasive products. The world of “coated abrasives” presents itself with as much diversity as there are materials in order to achieve precise stock removal on metal, varnish, wood, natural stone, glass, plastics, ceramics and rubber. Our stock is easy to cut to all shapes, lengths and widths. Being a local converter of coated abrasive products, this is done according to customer requirements in order to facilitate and optimize delivery time, logistics and stock keeping for all parties concerned.

Coated abrasive products supplied by Grinding Techniques are designed to give the finishing touch to a wide variety of materials in the metal and wood industry and many more industrial sectors.

Contact us for the latest innovation in coated abrasives. Training and technical assistance is available from our product specialists who are ready to provide solutions to all your questions and processing issues.

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