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GreenGo Energy Proposes Massive Green Energy Park in Mauritania, Aiming for NetZero Impact

GreenGo Energy has submitted an application to Mauritania’s Ministry of Petroleum, Energy, and Mines for the development of an expansive green energy park, Megaton Moon. The project, touted to be among the largest globally, aims to revolutionize Mauritania’s socioeconomic landscape by fostering green industrial growth, farming initiatives, and urban development.

Megaton Moon’s distinctive architecture and strategic location in the capital city promise transformative potential, offering abundant, cost-effective water and green energy solutions, both in the urban setting and the desert.

The phased implementation of Megaton Moon plans to achieve a hybrid solar and wind generation of 60GW/190TWh, alongside 35GW electrolysis capable of producing 4 million tons of green hydrogen yearly or further processed into 18 million tons of green ammonia. The project aims to reach its first pilot stage by 2028 and complete the last phase between 2033-2035.

Karsten Nielsen, CEO of GreenGo Energy, stressed the urgency of climate action, aiming to meet Paris commitments and achieve NetZero targets. He highlighted Megaton Moon’s ambition to cater to 1% of the global green hydrogen demand by 2050, advocating the feasibility of scaling similar projects globally.

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A recent meeting between GreenGo Energy’s delegation and Mauritania’s Energy Ministry officials showcased the Ministry’s appreciation and keen interest in the project. The Ministry indicated progress in drafting green hydrogen laws, anticipating approval by the first quarter of 2024.

Ibrahima Diagana, Country Manager for GreenGo Energy in Mauritania, emphasized the project’s potential for substantial countrywide development.

Mauritania’s optimal geographical positioning for green energy production was highlighted by Karsten Nielsen, citing abundant solar and wind resources, vast flat land areas, and coastal proximity for water access. The project aims to leverage operator-friendly fiscal policies and geographical proximity to EU load centers for cost-effective green hydrogen production.

In addition to green fuel production, Megaton Moon plans to generate over 70 million tons of desalinated water yearly, fueling large-scale desert farming and green industrial growth, potentially transforming Nouakchott and Mauritania. The project envisions urban development through partners capitalizing on abundant, low-cost energy and water resources.

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The project’s development, financing, and execution involve collaborations with industry experts, leveraging GreenGo Energy’s established platform and experience from similar projects. The financing strategy relies on Tier1 investors in the green energy sector, with plans to implement local educational and vocational training programs.

Anders Heine Jensen, Head of Global Megaton Development, outlined the project’s phased approach and engagement with supply chains and off-take partners, aiming for initial hydrogen and ammonia production by 2028 and the full facility by 2033.

GreenGo Energy’s commitment to local education and vocational training programs aligns with its holistic approach towards implementing transformative and sustainable solutions.

The project’s financing will utilize GreenGo Energy’s partnership approach with Tier1 investors, leveraging its comprehensive project delivery services and a robust track record in the green energy sector.


Written By Alouis Mazviyo

Tell: 0115680710


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