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NO DUST WITH Containerised Bulk Handling (CBH)

Major miners like BHP, Rio, MMG, and Codelco are stopping material losses in the supply chain. Sealed in a container at the Pit and opened in the ship, CBH saves 2% material loss and has no pollution.

CBH is a zero-loss dust-suppression logistics solution that allows the exporting of dry bulk from any port and any crane type. It can be started in six months with low capex.

CBH – a proven dust-free bulk handling solution

The CBH solution is already a  proven solution to the issues of dust generation during the transportation and handling of dry bulk commodities.

By using sealed open-top containers for transport and storage, the CBH system also uses a rotating spreader called ‘revolver’ to handle the container and remove the lid before gently rotating the container 360 degrees to decant the commodity at its destination.


Environmental best practice

The solution is environmentally best practice, as the commodity only sees the light of day immediately before being decanted, with a dust suppression system around the ship’s hatch containing the dust plume generated during the unloading process.

The dust suppression system produces microscopic droplets, creating a wall of dry fog around the ship’s cell to contain the commodity.

Box clever: Zero material loss

Not only does Revolver CBH protect the environment and reduce particulate matter, but it also protects valuable commodities from loss or contamination.

Most bulk logistics systems lose between one and three percent in the handling process with multiple handling and dust generation; CBH stops this. RAM has saved customers more than two million USD annually for mineral concentrates using the CBH system.

Lifting the lid on bulk handling

CBH follows a simple and easy handling process of load & seal, transport, store, and unload. From its initial process of loading the bulk into open-top containers, a lid is placed locking the commodity, where it is transported either by road or rail, then can be stored without stockpiles or storage sheds, and finally picked up and unloaded by the ‘revolver’.

The ‘revolver’ locks onto the container as a standard spreader does, removes the lid from the sealed container before rotating the container and replaces the lid back onto the empty container, completing the lift cycle.

Low CAPEX – Fast to market

CBH is a highly flexible logistics solution, enabling all types of dry bulk to be exported from any port, allowing export from the nearest port, shortening the entire support chain and allowing ports to store multiple types of commodities without stockpiling or cross-contamination.

With most equipment readily available at the port, CBH bulk export can be launched quickly with the RAM ‘revolver’ and sealed open-top containers is all that is required to begin exporting.

A global success – 10 years of Operations in Africa

Since its introduction in Australia in 2011, with the same machine still in operation today, the RAM CBH system has also been used in Africa for over ten years, with the first unit deployed in Port Elizabeth for Elitheni handling coal. Other RAM CHB projects followed in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mozambique, Eritrea and Mauritania.

Today, ‘revolver’ CBH has gained worldwide popularity, supporting the operations of some of the largest mining companies in the world, including the UAE, Europe, the Americas and Asia.

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