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Atmos Eclipse overcomes pipeline leak detection challenges

Since its launch, Atmos Eclipse has been installed on many pipelines around the world. The non-intrusive leak detection equipment measures flow, pressure and temperature for Atmos Wave Flow to effectively detect and locate leaks. The data Atmos Eclipse collects can be communicated through wired ethernet, cellular, radio and standard RS485 in real-time to a central location.

The clamp-on design means that it can be quickly and easily fitted to operational pipelines, removing the need to drill, weld or cut the pipeline for tapping points. This means Atmos Eclipse enables sensitive, real-time pipeline leak detection anywhere with no disruption to the product transfer or cathodic protection systems.

Zero downtime with solar and wind power

Atmos Eclipse is electrically isolated from the pipeline. To keep the unit operational when power is unavailable, Atmos International has developed an integrated solution including both solar and wind power. This enables pipeline leak detection to work not only as part of a networked environment but also standalone in the most hostile and remote environments. Atmos Eclipse is also fitted with a 14-day battery to support the other power solutions.

With the move to renewable energy sources Atmos Eclipse presents a futureproof approach to leak detection that is non-intrusive and cost-effective.

Wind and solar power being used to power Atmos Eclipse on a pipeline

Protecting the environment

Atmos Eclipse can be used for both short and long-distance pipelines. Several units have been installed on tank farms, some using vertical fixings within tight spaces. On long-distance pipelines, the non-intrusive leak detection solution can be used in valve pits instead of creating new tapping points. Helping to reduce the risk of theft, while protecting against leaks.

Some pipelines face specialized environment and terrain challenges. Atmos Eclipse units have been implemented to provide protection on a river crossing that had been previously damaged by hippos fighting.

Atmos engineer Eammon Keane installing an Atmos Eclipse unit

Recently Atmos engineer Eamonn Keane traveled to Nigeria to install Atmos Eclipse units on a pipeline.

While the installation went well there were a few obstacles in the way with a huge anthill and a truck full of cows crashing into a ditch, due to the condition of the road surface.


A futureproof pipeline leak detection solution

Since the introduction of Atmos Eclipse at the end of 2018, over 100 units have been installed. Today Atmos Eclipse is covering thousands of kilometers of pipelines for leak detection and pig tracking.

Find out more about Atmos Eclipse, our non-intrusive leak detection technology. Watch the overview video to find out more.

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