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Tega industries Limited (Tega), a pioneer in the field of specialized wear-resistant products, began operations in 1976. Today, Tega is the Market Leader in the segment, exporting to 700+ Customers across 70+ Countries.

Tega has been awarded the Integrated Management System (IMS) certification by SGS India Limited. By virtue of this, Tega is now certified for three management systems: Quality Management System (QMA) – ISO 9001:2015, Environment Management System (EMS) – ISO 14001:2015 and Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) – ISO 45001:2018. Tega is also certified for International Standard for Social Accountability SA 8000:2014

Tega has been designing and manufacturing Trommels for Grinding Mills, Ball Mills, SAG Mills, Scrubbers and Pebble Mills. Tega has designed and manufactured Trommels to suit various applications in sizes ranging from 58o mm to 4450 mm in diameter. Over the years, Tega has supplied over 450+ Trommels for various ores like Gold, Chalcopyrite, Iron ore, Nickel and Platinum Groups Metals amongst others.


Tega has the unique advantage of having fully integrated in-house facilities which are utilized for all stage of Trommel production – from concept design, simulation and modeling, to fabrication, Panel manufacturing and final assembly. Our team comprises engineers, designers, technicians and analysts who carefully analyze all relevant finer details of the end usage to ensure that the equipment set up by us, fits seamlessly into the entire mill process.

In Tega, every piece of the Trommel is specifically manufactured using in-house computerized design programs and tested before being shipped. The outer structure, rubber/ Polyurethane screen panels, Spirals or dams, connecting pipes or flanges are manufactured with precision and attention paid to the minutest of details from concept to finish.


Trommel Structure designs undergo extensive analysis by our team of experts, before being readied for manufacturing. Tega uses advanced 3D modeling techniques, DEM (Discrete Element Modeling) and FEA (Finite Element Analysis) to achieve accurate designs.

The DEM allow us to visualize the flow of materials in the Trommel whereas The FEA allows us to calculate the equivalent shear stress on the structures and ensure the optimization of the overall Trommel weight and it’s Size. Welding is performed as per AWS D1.1 Standard. The welded Structure is 100% ultrasonically tested and is thermally or electro thermally stress relieved to eliminate stress concentration and increase the fatigue strength of the structure.

Trommel Panel are designed Rubber/Polyurethane Panels based on the operating conditions for various applications or as required by the Customer.

  • Reinforcement Strength is tested using FEA.
  • Panels Wear Rate and Impact force are tested using DEM.
  • Panel Types, Sizes and Fixing are designed to suit the application.

With the help of its fully automated Presses and Injection molding machine, Tega manufactures custom designed panels to suit every kind of application. Tega has the infrastructure to supply aperture sizes ranging from 0.3 mm to 100 mm. The Panels are embedded with Mild Steel Reinforcement to withstand heavy loads as well as to maintain the curvature of the panels.

Trommel Spirals or Dams are analyzed with FEA, DEM and specially stiffened to ensure rigidity to suit customers’ requirements. The Pitch and Height of the Spirals and dams are designed to ensure that the material flow smoothly and the velocity of slurry is optimized for proper screening.

Tega Spirals or dams are manufactured either as an integral part of the panels or to be fitted separately. The Spirals and dams are manufactured with in-built steel reinforcement, to withstand high slurry forces.

Tega’s Spirals comes with Normal Pith Spirals (NPS) and Reducing Pitch Spirals (RPS). The Reducing Pitch Spirals is a Patented technology by Tega, It facilities to enhance the Trommel efficiency given Geometric constraints of the existing Trommel Structure

Auto Clave Facility is used for hot vulcanize the Trommel structure. The auto calve machinery can be used on Trommel up to 3800 mm diameter.

Rubber/ Polyurethane Coating are lined on all the Wet Surface of the Trommel, to provide superior protection against corrosion.

  • Trommels up to 3800 mm in diameter, are rubber lined on wet surfaces using hot bonding method.
  • Trommels greater than 3800 mm in diameter, are spray coated with Polyurethane or lined by cold bonding of rubber.


Trouble Shooting

At Tega, we offers our services towards the enhancement of Trommel efficiency. Tega examine Trommels in use, make suggestions to improve existing panel life or improve efficiency and supply spare for panels, spirals and dams when required

Site Services

As a part of our value added service, we provide our customers with an experienced team to supervise Trommel installation at the final location.

Wear Measurement

To help our customers plan ahead for maintenance shut down and inventory optimization, we provide them with estimated wear measurement schedules and change our dates of panels and spirals or dams


The refurbishing of Trommels is undertaken by Tega, where the Trommel is thoroughly inspected and if required re-engineered, repaired, replaced and restored for optimum performance, making it as good as new.

Written By Nicholas Mashindi

Tell: 0115680710

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