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Pipeline maintenance with Grinding Techniques

The Oil and Gas Industry plays a key part in the global economy, accounting for a major part of the world’s fuel reserves. The systems, processes and environment are complex and integral to the functionality of the oil rigs requiring a high capital investment, state of the art technology and engineering. Thus, in turn requiring high quality, precision materials to ensure operations run at optimal capacity.

Maintenance of all pipelines are of utmost importance as any breakdown may cause massive disruptions to various sectors including but not limited to Aviation, Industrial, Hospitality and Medical sectors, not to mention the massive impact that it will have on the already though business environment.

Pipeline repairs and refurbishments are an ongoing process, requiring specialist products. A critical area on a pipeline is the joint. When two parts are joined together, it is essential to create a solid joint. In most cases joints are welded together and it is essential that the weld area is without flaws, cracks, or defects. In preparation for the welding process a piece of material is bevelled in order to provide better access to the root or inside edge of the material, and this bevel area should be finished off with a product that will effectively prepare the surface for welding.

At Grinding Techniques an industry abrasive partner for over 40 years, and part of the Tyrolit group of companies we understand the importance of high-quality, high performing abrasives.

The TYROLIT range offers a wide selection of abrasive products specifically designed and engineered for pipeline maintenance’s cutting and grinding applications to get the job done both efficiently and effectively, all the while ensuring longevity of pipelines.

With an extensive range, boasting slimline cutting discs, that will produce clean and fast cuts with minimal burrs, to specific grinding discs that offer the best in stock removal, Tyrolit products offer the ultimate in longevity, efficiency, and durability without contaminating the work piece.

TYROLIT have a range of flap discs available in grits from 40 to 120, to allow for the best possible finish when it comes to surface preparation ahead of welding. Once the preparation for welding is done a “root run is laid down in the root channel, which will need to be back-ground to remove any potential defects like porosity and / or poor fusion of the materials.

Back grinding is the process of removing the outer part of the weld to ensure that any impurities that float to the top of the weld are removed before a final weld or cap is added on to “seal” the weld joint.” To ensure the success of this particular application, TYROLIT uses a combination of discs often including the 178×4.0x22.23 A30Q-BFX and the 178×7,0x22,23 A30Q-BF PIPE, as in most cases, welding the joints of a pipeline cannot be completed in a single action.

After completing the welds, the pipe or section will be x-ray inspected for flaws or defects. If the above process is followed correctly, the weld should pass.

One often overlooked area of any abrasive is the safety factor. When the incorrect product is used for any application, the potential for disaster is enormous. Grinding Techniques – A Company of the TYROLIT Group, designs, manufactures and tests all products to international standards to ensure that the operator is kept safe when products are used for their intended purpose. The capability also exists for products to be designed for a specific application where no such product currently exists.

Whatever your application, contact us today for a bespoke solution.

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