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AfriSam All Purpose Cement is recognised as a fundamental component in various construction applications, embodying versatility, reliability, quality and affordability. This premium product is designed to meet the needs of a wide range of construction projects from large-scale commercial and infrastructure developments to smaller residential and DIY projects.

Ease of use and the ability to produce consistently excellent results make AfriSam All Purpose Cement a preferred choice among construction professionals. Manufactured in AfriSam’s state-of-the-art facilities, where quality management systems of the highest standard are a priority, the cement complies fully with the SANS 50197 specification for common cements. Its constant monitoring and maintenance of composition ensure it delivers high quality performance within the 42,5N MPa strength class.

The addition of fly ash and slag, where indicated, to this specially developed cement improves the overall workability of concrete as fly ash introduces microscopic spheres that effectively reduce the water demand of mortars and plasters. This makes the mix not only more cohesive but also enhances its ease of application. The improvement in texture and consistency ensures a superior bond in plaster applications, attributed to the increased stickiness of the mix. Consequently, this leads to a more efficient application process and results in smoother, more durable finishes in construction projects.

The unique composition of AfriSam All Purpose Cement addresses the industry’s need for a cement that reduces heat hydration in mass concrete works and enhances concrete’s resistance to chemical attacks including sulphate, chloride and exposure to soft water.

The use of AfriSam All Purpose Cement in projects also significantly improves resistance to alkali-aggregate reactions and decreases the permeability of concrete in water-retaining structures, contributing to the sustainability and longevity of these projects.

AfriSam All Purpose Cement is suitable for a wide range of applications, from structural concrete and residential projects to brick and block making, as well as plaster mortar and shotcrete.

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